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I'm extremely scared to put this out there. I have been hurt so many times that I could never say this out loud.

I am an extreme extrovert. I need people. I need positive energy from people. I want to be with people even after I leave work.

Not just anyone, a best friend... Or a few good friends. I understand I'm needy. Probably too needy for one person.

I just have acquaintances. I don't have any good close friends who I can text at anytime or can invite to hang out last minute. And that's what I need.

I need someone to care as much as I do. I try not to do this, but I always give my whole heart. I could be your best friend in a day if you let me.

If I do something you don't like, I need you to tell me. It may hurt, but its better than never getting talked to again. At least I would know it just didn't work out for us. Or maybe its something I could work on because I know I'm not perfect.

I'm one of those people that could meet someone in line at CVS and want to hang out with them later.

I just feel crazy-like no one else is like me.
I'm Coming Out!
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Monday and Tuesday in Hawaii

Monday was meant to be our relaxation day, also known as “sit on the beach all day”. We started off by renting mopeds for the day. We both got the standard single rider mopeds. They were so much fun!!! We rode them around the city a little to get used to them and stopped at the aquarium. It was a tiny aquarium and we probably only spent 30 minutes there. That’s something I’ve noticed about Hawaii-everything is smaller and simpler. It makes sense that they just don’t have enough land to make huge attractions. Well, they have lots of land, but the land is kept for mountains and the forest.

After the aquarium, we drove around the east coast of the island to find the perfect beach to swim in and lay on the beach. It was extremely hot so we just wanted a place to jump in the water. We stopped at one beach that had tons of people at, but it was difficult to find parking. We parked along the side of a parking lot where there were lots of other cars as well. We asked a police officer if we could park there and he was extremely rude and vague but basically telling us no. We asked another police officer and he said it was fine, but they were writing tickets for all the other cars parked there. It probably would have been fine for our mopeds, but we didn’t appreciate the passive aggressive police officer so we kept riding.

The next beach we stopped at had a moderate amount of people, but was very rocky! We did jump in the water, but we both ended up cutting ourselves on the rocks. We tried to walk down the beach somewhere else but it was all rocky.

The third and final beach was perfect! There was a moderate amount of people as well, but we parked quickly and ran into the water where the beach was all sand. We had a lot of fun playing in the water with the waves and were happy we made the final stop. After swimming, we laid on the beach for a while until we were ready to head back to Waikiki, where we were staying. On the ride back home, we stopped for a couple of snacks. I tried pineapple shrimp at a shrimp truck and Ryan got snow ice, which is similar to ice cream.

We got back to the rental place around 5 and they asked if we wanted to keep them mopeds a bit longer and just return them later. So of course we said yes! We drove them over to our dinner spot, called the Chart House. This was a very nice seafood restaurant. It was good, but it wasn’t the huge scallops we wanted. That’s okay, we still got delicious scallop pasta. 

After dinner, we went to go drop off the mopeds, but then we got sad and took them for one more spin around the city. While driving around, it started to rain a bit so we headed straight back to return them. I am glad we took them around again, though. They were so much fun. We kept talking about buying mopeds in Michigan but we found three problems. 1. The roads are terrible and it would be difficult to avoid the pot holes. 2. The speed limits are a bit higher than what mopeds go. Mopeds go about 35 – 40 comfortably but our speed limits are 40-50. In Hawaii, the speed limit was always about 35. 3. The drivers are jerks! It would be difficult to drive with them on such a little machine. In Hawaii, there was barely any honking and people let other people out all the time-it was such a nice change!

As our final activity, we had drinks at the Tiki Grill and Bar downstairs to our hotel and went to bed for our final rest in Hawaii.

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Tuesday was the day we had to catch our flight-but it wasn’t until 3:30 pm. So in the morning we went on the Jurassic Nature Walk with a tour guide! Holy crap, if we didn’t sweat off 30 lbs I’d be surprised!! We were hiking for 2 hours and it was not the easiest walk. It was slippery, had tons of rocks, and it was hot. We were gone from 8 am to 12 pm and we had a late check out time of 1 pm. We checked out at 12:45, drove straight to the airport and was there with an hour to spare before they boarded at 3! So we ate a ton of food at the airport and now we’re on the plane. Its about 1:30 AM back at home and Ryan and I have already watched 2 movies on the plane. We’re going to try to nap now and will be landing in 4 hours. We already been on this plane for 4 ½ hours so we’re ready to land! 4 hours to Atlanta then we’ll be home around 10 am on Wednesday morning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the adventures of our honeymoon as much as we did. We will be uploading pictures as soon as we’re done being jetlagged and hopefully be getting our wedding pictures and video back soon. I’m very excited to see them. 

Aloha and Mahalo! 

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As you can see, Sunday was Sea Life Park day. It was a cute little park that could all be seen in a half day. We saw sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, fish, and birds! The birds were extremely cool because they were in this big cage that you could walk in and they would fly over and just sit on your head! Ryan had a bunch because he had a straw hat. The bird guy said the blue birds didn't normally fly down, but they came down to me so I felt pretty special!

We saw three different shows and this was the day I got to swim with a dolphin! I got one on one time and Ryan got a picture of me kissing him!! :) I also got a belly ride, which was a little scary but totally fun!

After the park, we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool because it was suuuper hot! After the pool, we got delicious sushi!! MMMMMmmmmm :) It just melted in our mouths, it was so good!

After sushi we filled right up on ice cream then went back to our rooms. Now its our last full day here! Ahh!! I'm gonna miss it. :(

Mahalo! (thank you)

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Day Five/Saturday

Today was our bucket list day. We went around the island doing last minute things we wanted to do.

First of all, we wanted to check out this cemetery my Uncle Jamie told us about. He said it had a beautiful garden in the middle and it was in the middle of the island. Well, we didn't find that. :/

Next was to buy a coconut and try the water inside of it. Check! Did that! We found a guy selling them on the side of the road and his kids were the ones drilling a hole in it for us. It was very cool!! I didn't like the drink or the actual fruit, but that's okay-its about the experience!

Next we heard there were tons of turtles on turtle bay! We drove to it but it was covered with people! Figures for a Saturday afternoon. :/ We even drove by our little beach that was secluded last time and that was covered with people too. :(

Anyway, next stop was a shrimp truck! Ryan got the garlic and butter which was delicious!! I got coconut shrimp and that wasn't the best in the world, but I'm glad I tried it. It seemed stale or something. :(

Last was shave ice. We found this cute little stand in front of this woman's house. It was huge so we split one for only $3! My half was blue vanilla and Ryan's was orange. Man, was it good! The woman was so nice too! She showed us her house, which was like a museum of her Hawaiian family, and she told us lots of great spots to check out.

After our adventure, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our sunset dinner cruise!! It was very romantic. :) <3 It had a great buffet, nice show, nice deck, and good cake!

We wanted to go out for drinks, but were way too full so we just went up to our room to pass out.


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Day Four!

Day 4 was another exciting day. We started with the zoo that was right across the street. It was just a little zoo so we only spent a couple hours there. But I liked it because all the animals were closer. In the Detroit zoo, there are huge barriers and you feel really far away. My favorite part was the elephants. The bigger elephant came right over to us and reached for the leaves off the tree above us. He had to be crafty because there was an electric fence between us. He wasn't successful, though, because he already got all the leaves he could reach. Then he tried to go under the fence to get the grass, but he already cleaned out that part too.

We saw little giraffes. They were about half the size of the ones in Detroit. We also went through primate world. There were these white monkeys that kept swinging from side to side just having fun. :) There was also this huge tortoise who had a shower when the sprinklers came on.

After the zoo, we went to our room for a power nap because we were exhausted. When we woke up, it was shopping time!! We walked around downtown for all the souvenirs we wanted to buy. :) Man, I thought there were a lot of McDonalds, but there were more ABC stores in a four block radius than all the Mcdonalds combined on this island. There were 10 ABC stores!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved this store!!! They had everything! Hawaiian souvenirs, medicine, alcohol, clothes, and more! It had everything and I spent so much we got a free gift! But still, we would walk within one block there would be two of these stores.. It didn't make any sense.

After shopping we quickly rushed back home to take showers because we were sweating so much from the 90 degree weather. Now it was Chief's Luau time!!

The Luau was a blast!!! First of all, I got a real purple lei! It was beautiful! When we went in, there were lots of activities to do before dinner was served. We got tattoos, made headbands out of palm leaves, and played a stick game where you run around a circle and you have to catch the other person's stick. There was also making fire with two sticks, spear throwing, and buying souvenirs.

To start off the evening, the girls got a hula lesson. Ryan recorded my attempt at hula, which is pretty entertaining. After that, we had a blessing for the food and had a welcome ceremony. After that, we had great food and a fun show. I got to go up and shake my butt with a bunch of other girls. Ryan and I got to go up because we were honeymooners. :) we'll have to show you pictures and video soon. :)

After that, we went out for drinks and got our coconut cups!! Yay more souvenirs :)

Time to continue our adventure.

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Day three/Thursday was a lot of fun. :)

First we got the continental breakfast, of course.
"I'll have what I'm having!" (watch on youtube "Continental Breakfast" by Key and Peel and you'll understand)

Then we went out to go snorkeling and swim with the dolphins!! We stopped at McDonald's along the way to see if it was different, and it wasn't. We've seen about 7 McDonalds around the island so far. Its kinda crazy. Its not ALL tropical. But thats okay. I guess people here are still American.

What else is kinda crazy is that there are so many Japanese people here! Everything is also written in Japanese. But it makes sense because we are halfway in between Japan and the US.

Also on the way to our first stop, we saw a RoadAPiller!! Now, we just made this name up. It was a big road machine that moved the concrete bricks from one side of it to the other. But it looked like a caterpillar and it slinked over the big concrete pieces easily, it was kinda cool. :)

So we finally arrived to our dolphin adventure stop. We got all sunscreened up and went on this 22 person speed boat. It was fun because it was a smaller group of people. After a while, the bumps started to get to me and my stomach felt bad. Anyway, we searched for dolphins around the west coast and we saw the 2nd smallest dolphins in the world! They were so tiny! They were about 100 lbs. We even saw their babies because it was mating seasons. We did 4 drop in attempts to swim with them. Normally they swim around you. This wasn't too successful because they had their babies they kept swimming away. The 4th time we finally saw them swim below us but then they just swam away. But hey, I swam with some wild dolphins, how cool is that!

After that, we just went regular snorkeling. I loved that!! We had lots of fish swimming around us on the reef and I was following a sea turtle! They can hold their breath up to 3 hrs! So when they come up for a breath, its really important. Well two of them came up for breaths and I could have touched them!! I was told not to touch them because they could get really sick if they are touched by humans-the turtle flu, as they described it. But the turtles almost touched me!! The waves kept moving me closer and closer to them. Luckily he swam back down before I could touch them. I don't want to be the cause of the turtle plague!

After snorkeling and dolphins, we drove north on the west coast. We didn't get to do this part of the island on our first drive around because it doesn't connect with the whole island. There is a road, but its not made for cars to drive on. We stopped at a nice beach along the way but went on this road behind the beach. It looked like a service road for trucks, but we wanted to try to walk up the mountain that we saw. Well, the grass was too tall to walk through and it was 90 degrees so we just walked a little bit and went back to the car. Then we saw some cool waves splashing on tall rocks so we went over there to check out. There was sea salt everywhere and Ryan ate some! Then Ryan wanted to jump back in the water with the huge waves! So he went in for a quick dip. When he came back, he was COVERED in sand! It was even in his beard! On the way back, we stopped at another beach with an outdoor shower so he could rinse off.

Then we were on our way to the Dole Plantation!! Oh man, I was excited for so much pineapple!! I thought about getting Amanda lots of Pineapple souvenirs because she hates pineapple. Muh ha ha! But I didn't, I got them for myself. :) We got there an hour before close so it was just in time for the Pineapple Express! We took the train around the plantation and learned lots of fun facts!

Dole started growing pineapples in 1899.
He had a whole island of just growing pineapple!
He sold 75% of the world's pineapple by canning the pineapples.

On the way out, we saw lots of chickens! They were just loose running around along with a peacock. They were so funny and loud!! There were also cute chicks!!

This was about 6:00 when we finally left. We drove back to the hotel and visited our favorite Expedia guy to plan out the rest of our trip. I would tell you what we're doing, but that would ruin the surprise!!

After that, we ordered delicious pizza! While we were waiting, I fell asleep and Ryan moved our high top table and chairs out to the patio for a romantic dinner. :) It was very sweet.

After dinner, we crashed and we woke up at 6am. Ready for our new adventure today! :)


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As you know, day two started very early. I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I talked to Amanda for a while, got a relaxing bath, and Ryan woke up around 4. We walked around the beach from 4:30-6:30. We saw lots of surfers and boogie boarders! It was so interesting. It was like they were littering the water just waiting for that perfect wave. I hope Ryan and I get to try boogie boarding. :)

Then we went to the continental breakfast with a little lunch box they gave us. Its so awesome! We just filled that thing up and took it with us on our road trip for the day. We decided we wanted to drive around the coast of the island. So we started by heading east. We made several stops and took lots of incredible pictures. Those will be uploaded to facebook at the end of our trip. :)

We tried to stop for good Hawaiian food at PaPa Ole's but the place was closed on Wednesdays. So we went over to this place that advertised "best shrimp tacos!" I got a sweet pork quesadilla (SO AMAZING!!) and Ryan got a chicken burrito, also amazing!!

We continued our journey by stopping off a this tiny park called Kokololio Beach Park which was hiding the tiny beach behind it. There was barely anyone there! It was a nice little remote area that we basically had to ourselves. First we relaxed because we had been going all day and then we took dip in the ocean. It was really nice, warm water! The sand felt great too. It was easy to walk on and soft. Oh! And I found a dollar! Woop!

After that, we just continued our trip up to the north part of the island and then decided to schedule a couples massage for later that day. We called the expedia guy at our hotel and he took care of the rest. We scheduled our massage for 5 pm. It wasn't the best masssage ever. It was very tough and my girl didn't talk back with me when I was trying to talk to her. But at least Ryan has had his first massage. :)

After that, we got dinner at "goofy's". This was a restaurant recommended to us by someone at the hotel and we had to try it! We had a goat cheese appetizer which was amazing!! I had a cream corn penne and Ryan had grilled mahi mahi. Both were delicious!! After that Ryan got ice cream and I didn't because I was stuffed!!

After all that food, we rushed home because we were both so exhausted!! We collapsed and fell asleep around 9.

Today we woke up around 5 and couldn't go back to sleep, but at least we got a lot of consistent sleep. Its about 8 am now and we're going to go swim with dolphins!!!! Catch ya later!


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Hawaii!! :))
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Hello everyone!!

I know its been a while, but I wanted to journal about my HONEYMOON in Hawaii!

Yes, Honeymoon! Who knew that I would get to this point in my life?? I'm pretty sure that I started this journal in middle school and it has lasted this long!!

Anyway, Ryan and I got married on Saturday, August 23rd. Tuesday monring around 5 am, Mike drove us to the airport. From there we flew to Atlanta and from Atlanta we had the long hall of a 9 hr flight to Honolulu. The plane had an entertainment system for us to use. Everyone had their own TV and could pick whatever they wanna do on it-watch a movie, TV shows, listen to music, or play a game. Well guess what- only the game portion worked. They tried for 3 hours to do 4 different reboots and nothing worked. They said we got a compensation by logging on to Delta.com, but I didn't see anything like that when I logged on. I'll have to call them to see what's up with that.

Anyway, we landed in Honolulu at 1:15 pm Hawaii time or 7:15 pm Michigan time. We got our luggage, rental car, checked in at the hotel (free upgrade btw, and we didn't even tell them we were on our honeymoon!!), and PASSED OUT! It was about 3 or 4 when we finally got here and we said we would wake up to the alarm at 5 for dinner. Well I woke up at 8:30 and woke Ryan up to say "we never woke up!" lol.

Luckily the grill and bar was open down stairs for dinner. Ryan ordered a crab burger type thing. Omg, it was a whole crab that was breaded! You could see the outline of it! It was crazy. I ordered their version of coconut shrimp and that was amazing! The shrimp was so thick!!

Anyway, we came back up to our room around 10 and went right back to sleep. Now I'm awake at 4 am because of too much sleep. Its 10 am back in Michigan, which makes sense, but it still sucks.

Tomorrow we are going to adventure around the island, go to the beach, try a restaurant called "Goofy's" for good Hawaiian food, and hopefully have massages!!!

Good night! Hopefully I can get back to sleep.

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Am I the person I want to be?

I have so many goals and random things I want to do before I die. Its difficult to figure out how to do all of them.

I love animals, music, and sign language.
I'm interested in business and real estate.
I want to own a non-profit that will benefit orphans.

I can't imagine having one job and the rest of my life. I want to do multiple things to see what I like best. Or maybe I'll love them all equally but I just want to do them all.

How do you pick?
I guess you pick whichever one pays the bills.

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Is it summer yet? There's still so much to do. I'm moving, planning a wedding, taking the BEI, student teaching, teaching at night... the list goes on and on!

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Well... today is just another day at the office. For lunch on Monday I ordered from "Yummy House". They had a great deal for sushi. Cheap AND delicious! What more could I ask for?

Today I went back there but I ordered Chinese again. Cheap and delicious! Woo! I also went to GameStop and got a few games. On my facebook I posted "It should be illegal to have a GameStop and a sushi/Chinese restaurant right next to each other." Man! That got a lot of attention. Its pretty awesome that I have so many gamer friends. :)

I'm moving in 10 days!!! Hell yes!!!

Tonight I'm visiting with a friend I haven't seen in a few months - Angie. I went to high school with her and worked at Wendy's with her a couple years ago.

Then I have piles and piles of homework. I can not wait to graduate!

Cybernet Solutions
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I want to have a serious conversation about this. I want to make it clear- I'm Atheist. That doesn't mean I'm a bad person. That doesn't mean I don't have my own set of morals. I just don't think God exists and I think organized religion is just a way to try and control people with a bunch of rules that "God" wants.

I have a lot more comments but I have to get back to work. So I'll just start with this. Thoughts?

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My friend's husband left her and took all of the money. Now she has no way to pay the bills or rent. If she can hire a lawyer, then she can get her ex to pay the bills and rent for a while. Please help her!


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Alright journal, its time to start doin your thing again. You be there for me when I need to write something. Maybe I won't be so depressed this time!

I just wanna say "hi!" again. I would love to start using my journal more. I really miss it. I have a terrible memory so it would be nice to go back and look at what I've done.

Right now its summer. I'm in 5 summer classes and I freakin' hate it. But guess what... thats what I'm doin until I graduate in APRIL!!! Oh man... it feels so close yet so far! So I have summer classes-4 ASL and 2 education. 1 education the first half of the summer and 1 education the second half. In the fall, I have 3 ASL, 2 music, and 2 education classes. In the winter I student teach plus I will probably take government online for OCC so I can get an associates. Then in April I will be graduated with a BA in Music Education and an Associates in Sign Language Interpreting.

But let me tell you, I feel pretty bored right now. I'm in school 2 days a week, plenty of hw to keep me busy, but its summer! I wanna travel at least every other weekend. I wanna experience the world! I wanna go to Europe and Asia! In August I have lots of travel plans, but June and July seem pretty dull. I have a few plans but I don't know if it'll happen. These things normally fall through.

Anyway, I hope I get to spend my summer with cool people doing fun things.

I for sure need to fulfill the pact.

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Stephanie E.

Years of Experience: 1 year

My Rate: $10-$15/hour

Background Check: Request Access

References: Request Access


To access my references, background check, current availability, and to contact me, view my full profile on Care.com.


Care.com helps you find local child care, special needs care, tutoring, private lessons, senior care, pet care, housekeeping, and more.

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Omg.... Ryan makes me so happy. I've never been this happy in my entire life! I always wanted the perfect person to come out of nowhere, but after a while I really didn't believe it would ever happen. Nor did I think that they would feel he same way about me! Don always told me that I would be the center of someone's life one day, but its never happened before so I figured it never would. But I am! Ryan loves me! And I love him! What?! I want it to last forever... :) And so does he!!! *sigh* it feels so right. And I can't wait to see him. It'll have been 2 weeks!!! And then he's leaving for a week... :( And then we'll be together forever!!!

I love him. With all my heart. And that's never going to change. He's the one I want to be with forever.... and ever.

We may not be perfect... but we're perfect together.

He makes me feel complete. Like I can be better than I ever could have alone.

He's my everything :)

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I fuckin love my new internet. Seriously. It loads so quickly!!! Now I just need to set up the wireless..... ugh.... THAT'S a pain in the ass....

I love Ryan. :D

chipper chipper
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I just wanted a place to keep all of this. Still in progress obviously... lol

"Is there any fruit in the Caesar salad?"
"yes, grape tomatoes."

Lady I gave the wrong change to and fighting with Angie about it

Lady wanting for me to bring her crispy outside to her.

Lady telling me at speaker she doesn't want a combo and at the window she wanted a combo

Lady telling me 1 bbq wasn't enough.

Guy yelling at me to add on 2 more jr plain hamburgers

Old man telling me "medium and large" was stupid.

Wendy's Manager's Office
exhausted exhausted
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Life is pretty interesting right now. I keep changing the people I talk to. Hopefully it will be consistent soon, this is starting to become frustrating, but exciting at the same time. I like talking to new people. More details later. Time for choir! The practicing!
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