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Let's start it up!

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Alright journal, its time to start doin your thing again. You be there for me when I need to write something. Maybe I won't be so depressed this time!

I just wanna say "hi!" again. I would love to start using my journal more. I really miss it. I have a terrible memory so it would be nice to go back and look at what I've done.

Right now its summer. I'm in 5 summer classes and I freakin' hate it. But guess what... thats what I'm doin until I graduate in APRIL!!! Oh man... it feels so close yet so far! So I have summer classes-4 ASL and 2 education. 1 education the first half of the summer and 1 education the second half. In the fall, I have 3 ASL, 2 music, and 2 education classes. In the winter I student teach plus I will probably take government online for OCC so I can get an associates. Then in April I will be graduated with a BA in Music Education and an Associates in Sign Language Interpreting.

But let me tell you, I feel pretty bored right now. I'm in school 2 days a week, plenty of hw to keep me busy, but its summer! I wanna travel at least every other weekend. I wanna experience the world! I wanna go to Europe and Asia! In August I have lots of travel plans, but June and July seem pretty dull. I have a few plans but I don't know if it'll happen. These things normally fall through.

Anyway, I hope I get to spend my summer with cool people doing fun things.

I for sure need to fulfill the pact.

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