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Stephanie's · Random · Journal

Day Two in Hawaii

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As you know, day two started very early. I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I talked to Amanda for a while, got a relaxing bath, and Ryan woke up around 4. We walked around the beach from 4:30-6:30. We saw lots of surfers and boogie boarders! It was so interesting. It was like they were littering the water just waiting for that perfect wave. I hope Ryan and I get to try boogie boarding. :)

Then we went to the continental breakfast with a little lunch box they gave us. Its so awesome! We just filled that thing up and took it with us on our road trip for the day. We decided we wanted to drive around the coast of the island. So we started by heading east. We made several stops and took lots of incredible pictures. Those will be uploaded to facebook at the end of our trip. :)

We tried to stop for good Hawaiian food at PaPa Ole's but the place was closed on Wednesdays. So we went over to this place that advertised "best shrimp tacos!" I got a sweet pork quesadilla (SO AMAZING!!) and Ryan got a chicken burrito, also amazing!!

We continued our journey by stopping off a this tiny park called Kokololio Beach Park which was hiding the tiny beach behind it. There was barely anyone there! It was a nice little remote area that we basically had to ourselves. First we relaxed because we had been going all day and then we took dip in the ocean. It was really nice, warm water! The sand felt great too. It was easy to walk on and soft. Oh! And I found a dollar! Woop!

After that, we just continued our trip up to the north part of the island and then decided to schedule a couples massage for later that day. We called the expedia guy at our hotel and he took care of the rest. We scheduled our massage for 5 pm. It wasn't the best masssage ever. It was very tough and my girl didn't talk back with me when I was trying to talk to her. But at least Ryan has had his first massage. :)

After that, we got dinner at "goofy's". This was a restaurant recommended to us by someone at the hotel and we had to try it! We had a goat cheese appetizer which was amazing!! I had a cream corn penne and Ryan had grilled mahi mahi. Both were delicious!! After that Ryan got ice cream and I didn't because I was stuffed!!

After all that food, we rushed home because we were both so exhausted!! We collapsed and fell asleep around 9.

Today we woke up around 5 and couldn't go back to sleep, but at least we got a lot of consistent sleep. Its about 8 am now and we're going to go swim with dolphins!!!! Catch ya later!


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Hawaii!! :))
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