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Day Five of Adventure!

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Day Five/Saturday

Today was our bucket list day. We went around the island doing last minute things we wanted to do.

First of all, we wanted to check out this cemetery my Uncle Jamie told us about. He said it had a beautiful garden in the middle and it was in the middle of the island. Well, we didn't find that. :/

Next was to buy a coconut and try the water inside of it. Check! Did that! We found a guy selling them on the side of the road and his kids were the ones drilling a hole in it for us. It was very cool!! I didn't like the drink or the actual fruit, but that's okay-its about the experience!

Next we heard there were tons of turtles on turtle bay! We drove to it but it was covered with people! Figures for a Saturday afternoon. :/ We even drove by our little beach that was secluded last time and that was covered with people too. :(

Anyway, next stop was a shrimp truck! Ryan got the garlic and butter which was delicious!! I got coconut shrimp and that wasn't the best in the world, but I'm glad I tried it. It seemed stale or something. :(

Last was shave ice. We found this cute little stand in front of this woman's house. It was huge so we split one for only $3! My half was blue vanilla and Ryan's was orange. Man, was it good! The woman was so nice too! She showed us her house, which was like a museum of her Hawaiian family, and she told us lots of great spots to check out.

After our adventure, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our sunset dinner cruise!! It was very romantic. :) <3 It had a great buffet, nice show, nice deck, and good cake!

We wanted to go out for drinks, but were way too full so we just went up to our room to pass out.


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