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Day Six at Sea Life Park!

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As you can see, Sunday was Sea Life Park day. It was a cute little park that could all be seen in a half day. We saw sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, fish, and birds! The birds were extremely cool because they were in this big cage that you could walk in and they would fly over and just sit on your head! Ryan had a bunch because he had a straw hat. The bird guy said the blue birds didn't normally fly down, but they came down to me so I felt pretty special!

We saw three different shows and this was the day I got to swim with a dolphin! I got one on one time and Ryan got a picture of me kissing him!! :) I also got a belly ride, which was a little scary but totally fun!

After the park, we went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool because it was suuuper hot! After the pool, we got delicious sushi!! MMMMMmmmmm :) It just melted in our mouths, it was so good!

After sushi we filled right up on ice cream then went back to our rooms. Now its our last full day here! Ahh!! I'm gonna miss it. :(

Mahalo! (thank you)

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