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Day 7 and 8

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Monday and Tuesday in Hawaii

Monday was meant to be our relaxation day, also known as “sit on the beach all day”. We started off by renting mopeds for the day. We both got the standard single rider mopeds. They were so much fun!!! We rode them around the city a little to get used to them and stopped at the aquarium. It was a tiny aquarium and we probably only spent 30 minutes there. That’s something I’ve noticed about Hawaii-everything is smaller and simpler. It makes sense that they just don’t have enough land to make huge attractions. Well, they have lots of land, but the land is kept for mountains and the forest.

After the aquarium, we drove around the east coast of the island to find the perfect beach to swim in and lay on the beach. It was extremely hot so we just wanted a place to jump in the water. We stopped at one beach that had tons of people at, but it was difficult to find parking. We parked along the side of a parking lot where there were lots of other cars as well. We asked a police officer if we could park there and he was extremely rude and vague but basically telling us no. We asked another police officer and he said it was fine, but they were writing tickets for all the other cars parked there. It probably would have been fine for our mopeds, but we didn’t appreciate the passive aggressive police officer so we kept riding.

The next beach we stopped at had a moderate amount of people, but was very rocky! We did jump in the water, but we both ended up cutting ourselves on the rocks. We tried to walk down the beach somewhere else but it was all rocky.

The third and final beach was perfect! There was a moderate amount of people as well, but we parked quickly and ran into the water where the beach was all sand. We had a lot of fun playing in the water with the waves and were happy we made the final stop. After swimming, we laid on the beach for a while until we were ready to head back to Waikiki, where we were staying. On the ride back home, we stopped for a couple of snacks. I tried pineapple shrimp at a shrimp truck and Ryan got snow ice, which is similar to ice cream.

We got back to the rental place around 5 and they asked if we wanted to keep them mopeds a bit longer and just return them later. So of course we said yes! We drove them over to our dinner spot, called the Chart House. This was a very nice seafood restaurant. It was good, but it wasn’t the huge scallops we wanted. That’s okay, we still got delicious scallop pasta. 

After dinner, we went to go drop off the mopeds, but then we got sad and took them for one more spin around the city. While driving around, it started to rain a bit so we headed straight back to return them. I am glad we took them around again, though. They were so much fun. We kept talking about buying mopeds in Michigan but we found three problems. 1. The roads are terrible and it would be difficult to avoid the pot holes. 2. The speed limits are a bit higher than what mopeds go. Mopeds go about 35 – 40 comfortably but our speed limits are 40-50. In Hawaii, the speed limit was always about 35. 3. The drivers are jerks! It would be difficult to drive with them on such a little machine. In Hawaii, there was barely any honking and people let other people out all the time-it was such a nice change!

As our final activity, we had drinks at the Tiki Grill and Bar downstairs to our hotel and went to bed for our final rest in Hawaii.

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Tuesday was the day we had to catch our flight-but it wasn’t until 3:30 pm. So in the morning we went on the Jurassic Nature Walk with a tour guide! Holy crap, if we didn’t sweat off 30 lbs I’d be surprised!! We were hiking for 2 hours and it was not the easiest walk. It was slippery, had tons of rocks, and it was hot. We were gone from 8 am to 12 pm and we had a late check out time of 1 pm. We checked out at 12:45, drove straight to the airport and was there with an hour to spare before they boarded at 3! So we ate a ton of food at the airport and now we’re on the plane. Its about 1:30 AM back at home and Ryan and I have already watched 2 movies on the plane. We’re going to try to nap now and will be landing in 4 hours. We already been on this plane for 4 ½ hours so we’re ready to land! 4 hours to Atlanta then we’ll be home around 10 am on Wednesday morning!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the adventures of our honeymoon as much as we did. We will be uploading pictures as soon as we’re done being jetlagged and hopefully be getting our wedding pictures and video back soon. I’m very excited to see them. 

Aloha and Mahalo! 

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