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The Real Me

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I'm extremely scared to put this out there. I have been hurt so many times that I could never say this out loud.

I am an extreme extrovert. I need people. I need positive energy from people. I want to be with people even after I leave work.

Not just anyone, a best friend... Or a few good friends. I understand I'm needy. Probably too needy for one person.

I just have acquaintances. I don't have any good close friends who I can text at anytime or can invite to hang out last minute. And that's what I need.

I need someone to care as much as I do. I try not to do this, but I always give my whole heart. I could be your best friend in a day if you let me.

If I do something you don't like, I need you to tell me. It may hurt, but its better than never getting talked to again. At least I would know it just didn't work out for us. Or maybe its something I could work on because I know I'm not perfect.

I'm one of those people that could meet someone in line at CVS and want to hang out with them later.

I just feel crazy-like no one else is like me.
I'm Coming Out!
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