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Stephanie's · Random · Journal

Day 4 of Paradise

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Day Four!

Day 4 was another exciting day. We started with the zoo that was right across the street. It was just a little zoo so we only spent a couple hours there. But I liked it because all the animals were closer. In the Detroit zoo, there are huge barriers and you feel really far away. My favorite part was the elephants. The bigger elephant came right over to us and reached for the leaves off the tree above us. He had to be crafty because there was an electric fence between us. He wasn't successful, though, because he already got all the leaves he could reach. Then he tried to go under the fence to get the grass, but he already cleaned out that part too.

We saw little giraffes. They were about half the size of the ones in Detroit. We also went through primate world. There were these white monkeys that kept swinging from side to side just having fun. :) There was also this huge tortoise who had a shower when the sprinklers came on.

After the zoo, we went to our room for a power nap because we were exhausted. When we woke up, it was shopping time!! We walked around downtown for all the souvenirs we wanted to buy. :) Man, I thought there were a lot of McDonalds, but there were more ABC stores in a four block radius than all the Mcdonalds combined on this island. There were 10 ABC stores!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved this store!!! They had everything! Hawaiian souvenirs, medicine, alcohol, clothes, and more! It had everything and I spent so much we got a free gift! But still, we would walk within one block there would be two of these stores.. It didn't make any sense.

After shopping we quickly rushed back home to take showers because we were sweating so much from the 90 degree weather. Now it was Chief's Luau time!!

The Luau was a blast!!! First of all, I got a real purple lei! It was beautiful! When we went in, there were lots of activities to do before dinner was served. We got tattoos, made headbands out of palm leaves, and played a stick game where you run around a circle and you have to catch the other person's stick. There was also making fire with two sticks, spear throwing, and buying souvenirs.

To start off the evening, the girls got a hula lesson. Ryan recorded my attempt at hula, which is pretty entertaining. After that, we had a blessing for the food and had a welcome ceremony. After that, we had great food and a fun show. I got to go up and shake my butt with a bunch of other girls. Ryan and I got to go up because we were honeymooners. :) we'll have to show you pictures and video soon. :)

After that, we went out for drinks and got our coconut cups!! Yay more souvenirs :)

Time to continue our adventure.

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